Wow! I just finished trying out the new CNN Bridge game that was launched as part of the many online games that you can play on their website for free. Play as a guest or better yet create an account and start playing. A terrific way to learn how to play, your opponents are computer players so there is seemingly no time pressure to make your decision whether bidding or playing the hand. The CNN Bridge game is rubber bridge and many aspects make this one of the better online bridge games. You will notice the game speed is fast and the graphics are clean and easy on the eyes. There is plenty of descriptions about the rules which make understanding this rather complex game fairly easy when playing on this site. This CNN Bridge review notes that the designers did a really good job helping newcomers to bridge understand the object of the game and the options the player has during the bidding and hand play. Furthermore, the easily accessible explanations on scoring make it easy to see how points are totaled and rubbers are won. The computer seems to play fairly well, occasionally pushing the bidding and regularly making good card playing decisions.

Creating an account has its bonuses as well since you can compare your scoring against other players and enter the social side of online bridge. The help boxes appear at the start of  the game and the help button is always accessible if you have questions. During the scoring, hovering over the different ways that are listed to score points will pop-up an explanation of that scoring method. The entire process of playing is made simpler by the very well designed user interface. Even beginners will quickly be able to see how the auction and resulting contract makes a big difference in the scoring for each hand that is played. Knowing when to pass, when to double and recognizing when you have a fit with your partner are aspects of bidding that playing CNN Bridge will certainly help you improve.

Overall, playing online CNN Bridge continues to be a positive experience for the many players who give it a try. It is obvious that the investment made into the well designed user interface, game play controls, and the playing software has really paid off as the free online bridge game is very user friendly.