The benefits of playing online Bridge as opposed to the more traditional live Bridge are listed below.

  • Convenience: Playing online gives players the flexibility to decide when they want to play
  • Opponent Skill Level: By playing online you can compare your skill level to that of your opponents and set-up your matches to play better, equal or weaker competition.
  • Player Rating Systems: Rating System automatically tracks each Bridge club player keeps a fair and always updating rating for each player regardless of the number of master points a player has earned playing live Bridge or the number of years of experience of the player.
  • Playing Options: More conventions are permitted online.
  • Integrity: Information passed from partner to partner by means of body language or tone of voice is removed using the Internet. However, other communication devices can be used by partners like instant messaging or phone.
  • Fairness: Software operates with perfect application of the game play and rules so illegal plays or improper calls will never be admitted.
  • Record Keeping: Complaints and Security are aided by the ability for precise detailed records being kept for each hand.
  • Hand Histories: The easy ability to study past Bridge hand histories can greatly improve your skill level.
  • Playing Live Bridge

    Playing online Bridge instead of playing live Bridge has some major disadvantages. Though online Bridge revolutionized the game and made it more accessible there are still some problems with playing this card game on the Internet. players at duplicate bridge tournament
  • Unknown Partner: Partner is often a stranger so choosing a bidding convention before playing is often not possible.
  • Quitters: Players in the game can easily leave during the game. Often a player leaves in the middle of a hand or during a session.
  • Internet Connectivity: Players can get disconnected or the site can go offline which can disrupt games in progress.
  • Social: Bridge has always been a very social game and online play is much less personal.
  • Cost: Many online Bridge clubs charge a subscription for membership and access to play.
  • Cheating: Players can use phones, instant messaging and other communication devices to trade information with their partner.
  • Online bridge vs. live bridge is an interesting comparison because both have benefits and drawbacks. Many players play live bridge regularly and use online bridge as a way to practice with their partners and to try out new agreements.