Yahoo! Bridge was the best known free online Bridge site and one that used to have tables running at all times of the day and night, however, Yahoo removed their games and no longer offer online bridge.

Being part of the Yahoo! games network the Yahoo! Bridge used to have many players in dozens of lounges. Many players were regulars at the tables, though a lot of players were sitting down to play for the first time. Rankings added a nice touch so that you could find players of comparative skill level to challenge. Yahoo! games were built for speed over graphics, but the cards were well detailed and large enough to easily see. The game speed was very responsive to each play made by the players. Since a large percentage of Internet users have a Yahoo account it was easy and fast to invite friends to play.

Yahoo online Bridge gameThe Yahoo bridge game was part of the many online games that you used to be able to play on their website for free. A terrific way to learn how to play, your opponents were real players that made this one of the better online bridge games. The game speed was fast and the graphics were clean and easy on the eyes. There is plenty of descriptions about the rules which make understanding this rather complex game fairly easy when playing on this site. The designers did a really good job helping newcomers to bridge understand the object of the game and the options the player has during the bidding and hand play. Furthermore, the easily accessible explanations on scoring made it easy to see how points were totaled.

Yahoo bridge offered players a chance to enter the social side of online bridge. The entire process of playing was made simpler by the very well designed user interface. Even beginners quickly figured out see how the auction and resulting contract makes a big difference in the scoring for each hand that is played. Knowing when to pass, when to double and recognizing when you have a fit with your partner are aspects of bidding that playing online will certainly help you improve.

Overall, playing online continues to be a positive experience for the many players, and it was sad to see Yahoo remove their games from their site.

Yahoo Bridge lounge

  • Respected Yahoo! servers that were reliable and well connected to news, email, and other Yahoo! applications
  • Graphics were adequate and card suits and ranks easy to see
  • Beginners could understand the controls easily
  • Table watching allowed
  • Ranked competitive games
  • Unranked games
  • Free
Yahoo! Bridge was one of the first places most new online Bridge players got started because the Yahoo! games were well known to be some of the best free games on the Internet. New Yahoo! users used to be able to get a free account easily and be playing in minutes.

Yahoo! Bridge review

The conclusion of the Yahoo! Bridge review is that finding a Bridge lounge that you feel comfortable in for your given skill level was easy to do on the Yahoo site until they cancelled online games.
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