American Contract Bridge League bridge tournament

The American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) promotes the game of bridge with games and tournaments that use scoring from duplicate bridge. Founded in 1937, the non-profit ACBL holds three national events each year during the spring, summer, and fall. With a couple hundred thousand members, the ACBL is one of the largest contract bridge organizations in the world. The American Contract Bridge League is a member of the World Bridge Federation.

In addition the ACBL website the ACBL also has a social media presence with their very active Facebook page.

daily bulletin NABC

One of the best known publication in bridge is the ACBL’s Daily Bulletin which features updates on tournaments and interesting articles on happenings in the bridge world. The Daily Bulletin is distributed each day during events. Subscription for the Daily Bulletin to be delivered to your door are popular among ACBL members.

Hand records from the Fall NABC

The ACBL hosts many events throughout the year and a tremendous effort goes into each event.

A major function of the ACBL is to certify bridge club directors and bridge teachers.

Those inducted into the ACBL Hall of Fame have made big contributions to the game. ACBL’s Foundation for the Preservation and Advancement of Bridge runs the Hall of Fame.

North American Swiss bridge tournament

The American Contract Bridge League sectionals, region, and national events with tournaments that fit varying bridge skill levels. Events are also played for just a single pair or with teams. Scoring varies depending on the event. For ACBL sanctioned events, players finishing near the top of the scoring can earn masterpoints – which accumulate throughout your life. The Masterpoints awarded will vary depending on the level of the duplicate bridge tournament and the number of entries.

partnership card

You do not have to go to a tournament with a partner or a team, you can often find a partner. Many players who come to a big event with a partner opt to play additional events with another player or look for someone to play with while partner is taking a break from the action.

bridge rules

The ACBL recognizes that technology has influenced the game, but has made an effort to keep participants from using technology during events to keep the tournaments fair.