Playing online bridge is available for free at many online Bridge sites. The card game Bridge translates well to playing over the Internet and the speed of the game adds many benefits.

Your options for playing free online bridge seem to be increasing everyday as the popularity increases and more people are exposed to the fun of playing at the many online Bridge sites. Like similar card games, Bridge sites online have considerable variations in graphics, game play, opponent skill levels, game variations, types of tournaments offered and if the site is free or subscription membership. Online Bridge sites have skyrocketed in players traffic as many beginning Bridge players are able to learn this exciting game anonymously from the comfort of their own home.

Online Bridge players have the choice between playing at Bridge sites that are either subscription based online Bridge clubs or at a free online Bridge clubs.

Free Bridge sites

Since we all love free we will start by recommending the free Bridge Base Online. Bridge Base Online is the most popular of all the online free Bridge sites because number one it offers free games for anyone to play and because the game play of the software is very good. This very respected site also shows important National and International matches for anyone to watch. These matches feature the best Bridge players in the world and often attract thousands of spectators.

Additionally, the Funbridge platform which is playable as software or as a mobile application has gained worldwide use and praise from players of all skill levels.

Subscription Bridge sites

The subscription Bridge clubs offer players from all over the world a chance to play online Bridge. These membership sites use a subscription or annual charge to fund their operations and players get better customer support and some extras. For a comparison look at these Bridge site reviews of OKbridge, SWAN Games and Bridge Club Live are the best known online Bridge subscription sites.

Subscription Bridge sites almost always offer a free trial period typically seven days or a month.

Bridge Discussion Forum, News, and Tools

If you are looking for strategy articles, bidding discussions, tournament updates and a thriving bridge player community then Bridge Winners is a great source for information. The community is run by well known Bridge professionals and offers features like the ability to edit and print your own convention card.

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